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I would like to dream about a building with a long hall and many doors. Every door opens easily. There are no locks in this building, but there are windows of many shapes and sizes. Some of the windows have glass, some are open to the air, some have curtains that blow in the breeze. The curtains are yellow, or purple, or a tangled vine and flower pattern. The breeze that blows through the open windows is warm but not hot, and there is a cat lying on a bed in a sunbeam in many of the rooms. In some of the rooms there is a rocking chair and a small table set with tea and cookies, or maybe gin, ice and a shaker. In some of the rooms there is a piano and around the piano a group of beautiful thin people stand, posing in clothes with long silky lines, and they sing together and turn their beautiful chins and noses in profile so that wherever you look there is an angle and a song and someone is leaning to look at someone else. In some of the rooms, there are bowling alleys and crashing sounds and lots of high fives, and a mingling smell of beer and shoes, not too strong, just strong enough to smell like a regular event among friends. In some of the rooms, there is nothing at all, just an empty room painted in a strong color, like a deep rain forest green or a pomegranate red. On the other side of these are rooms full of plants and the odor of dirt and bird sounds, birds just out of sight but shaking the leaves and calling, calling racous and ribald.

I would like to dream about a building where the ceilings are high and then low again, where the cold winds are kept out by the hearth and the short doorways and the thatched roofs and the calling of goats in the pasture nearby. I would like to dream about a building stacked high as a fortress with books and many nooks and hidey holes where reading might pretend to be private (as if it could be) and where I might take a nap or meet a stranger or write a letter to someone I haven’t seen in 14 years or more.

I would like to dream about a building made of nothing but elevators, and another made entirely of marbles, and another made of string, that wobbles and breathes with every wind from every continent, and there would of course be hammocks in this building, and drinks served in coconut shells, and there would be a resilience in that string building, stronger than stone, stronger than steel, stronger than the shattering earth itself.


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