I don’t remember

 I don’t remember

I don’t remember that particular poem. You know, the one that goes dah-dah-dah pebbles dah duh rain rain. The one that goes on about the us-ness of us, of you and me and me and you.

I don’t remember the smell of eggplant. I don’t remember when daylight savings changes. I don’t remember the password I use for websites that are not important to me. I don’t remember the name of my fifth grade teacher. Mrs. Alley. I do remember the name of my fifth grade teacher. I don’t remember where I put my earbuds, as I was unpacking from our trip to Catalunya. I don’t remember the name of the town where we had the gazpacho topped with cherry sorbet. I do remember the taste of cool cherry surprising my tongue. I don’t remember the name of our apples, but I think they are Braeburn. I don’t remember my grandfather’s first name. I don’t remember the recipe for a winter squash stuffed with nuts and wild rice for which I am famous, although I only made it once and remember vaguely that it was a great vegetarian entrée for Thanksgiving. I don’t remember how to knit. I never did remember how to knit. It was as if it was the first time every time I attempted to knit. I don’t remember what you call the device that raises and lowers the waters from Puget Sound so that ships can go out and in, in and out to open water.




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