Watermelon man

Watermelon man grew from a seed in his mother’s belly; she’d been eating watermelon in Pecos and playing miniature golf with the one man in her life and it was so good so sweet so juicy that she ate the melon seeds and all and then she got Jesus and her beautiful son all on one fine summer morning the usual months later. The baby was pink and raw, the melon was pink and raw, she saw Jesus in the rind and she named her son Peter and said to him Peter you will never deny the Lord and you will never walk away from the watermelon which gave you life. Well Peter grew up faster than he might have and he had his dark time, same as we all do, during which he drank vodka and sold musk melons to Siberian refugees in the sub-saharan desert. Musk melons and camels and vodka mixed up all wrong for Peter and he had to walk away from the musky temptations, the long hair and the horns, and he returned to the fields where melons grow green and blessedly hairless. Peter then grew to be a righteous man who grew melons for righteous men and each melon was blessed, each melon was washed in pink sweetness and each melon was taut and full of juice and seeds. Peter said thump them, that’s right, thump them here –  here, have a piece and he offered melon to stranger after stranger and his hands were stained the pink of Jesus melons. He sold melons on the side of the road in Pecos, he sold melons on the side of the road in San Antonio. He sold melons on the side of the road in Lubbock. He sold melons on the side of the road in Santa Rosa. He loved the pink sweetness of Santa Rosa’s name, but he never got settled, got settled and home until he sold melons, beautiful black diamond melons, in the shadows of the watermelon mountains. Each melon was blessed by Jesus, each melon was righteous and ripe, and he was so full of the life of the melon that when he spit out the seeds, watermelon man could hit the pink-stained moon rising over the Sandias every blessed time.


2 Responses to “Watermelon man”

  1. 1 Jennifer Brooks June 8, 2012 at 5:54 pm


  2. 2 Choisir lit June 14, 2012 at 9:28 am

    Watermelon is good for mum and baby.

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