Gertrude Stein came to tea one day in April

Did she she did it was April it was was it April
It was it was April yes it was was it tea it was that
bloomed and shed, bloomed and spread

April showers that showered and did did they
shower in April or May had May come already to hold
their hands that touched the showers the showers

that showered the April that Apriled the May that may
have shattered the tea that poured the tea that poured all day
when May broke through, a pig in a trough a pig in a poke

a broken spoke and their hands touched the showers
that showered the flowers the fingertips brushing
the bringing the bulbing the faces surprising

them as they worked the wet garden on knees on knees on their
knees and the tea was black with cream please two lumps
to lumps they spade they spaded they sped

They sped did they speed they did did they speed they did
there were faces bright faces to flirt to flower to shower
bright sun wet water did they did did they did yes they did

Brightly in sun and wet water all spring did it all. Did it all
yes they did did they yes yes they did.


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