Thank you for your letter

 Dear Cholmondeley Crenshaw,

Thank you so much for your letter regarding regulating cab drivers in the Abiquiu area. As you know, there are many opposing views on this issue, which has been discussed repeatedly in village council meetings. It appears that the lunch lady at Abiquiu Elementary has been moonlighting as a cab driver for some four months now, and doing this without a cab driver’s license. This has greatly upset Juan Bob Lucero Ortega C de Baca y Pino, who has driven Abiqui’s only cab since 1981, when he first took Georgia O’Keeffe from Ghost Ranch to the Saints n Sinners bar just outside of Española. Of course, it is true that Juan Bob also doesn’t have a license, but it is his position that he is grandfathered in, and that Cleofila Zamora Gallegos Aragón is just butting in to take business away from the family of her daughter-in-law’s ex-husband, since they have taken the chile roasting business away from Severo and Chupo Herrera.

We appreciate your input and will consider all opinions at next Tuesday’s council meeting. A vote is expected on the issue by the end of the evening, after all input is taken into consideration. Council members Gallegos, Zamora, Aragón and C de Baca are expected to attend.

Again, thank you for your input. The council works for you.


Maria Josefa Perea Chavez Mondragon y Garcia





1 Response to “Thank you for your letter”

  1. 1 Lollyloo October 12, 2011 at 10:13 am

    The Unreliable Taxi
    By Chuck Brodsky

    The Unreliable Taxi Company, call him if you want
    It’s just Bob & his cab is probably sitting out in front
    Of one of the local taverns in a little Michigan town
    But The Unreliable Taxi Company might not want to be found

    The Unreliable Taxi might take off Saturday night
    Even if he plans on working & you never know, he might
    But not if there’s a poker game or something on tv
    You’ll have to find another way to where you want to be

    If you go out drinking thinking Bob’ll take you home
    Be prepared ‘cause every now & then he’ll leave you on your own
    You can either walk back or stay right where you are
    Until he can come & take you, or drive you to your car

    The Unreliable Taxi parked in a dark & quiet place
    It’ll be a couple of hours before Bob can show his face
    He’ll be driving in the morning, he’ll be glad to take you then
    It’ll be a couple of hours – it’s hard to say just when

    The Unreliable Taxi Company, call him if you will
    He’s never had an answering machine & he surely never will
    Maybe you’d be better off to get yourself a bike
    The Unreliable Taxi, you can call him if you like

    But The Unreliable Taxi Company might not answer his phone
    Even sometimes when he’s only sitting around at home
    Maybe you can reach him – he might even show
    He might even be on time – it’s something you don’t know You just never know

    The Unreliable Taxi Company sleeping at the wheel
    No panic to the locals, it’s really no big deal
    Even when it’s noon & his cab is still out front
    Nobody wants to wake him, you can try it if you want

    The Unreliable Taxi, you see him around town
    You might even see him driving somebody around
    If he needs the money & if he isn’t drunk
    If he hasn’t locked his only set of keys inside his trunk

    (There is actually a place one can hear this song in full free streaming, but there’s no handy direct link. It’s in flash player under the album “Tulips for Lunch”. )

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