Shattered Banana Peel - Laser Bread on Flickr

Justin sits at the breakfast bar, peeling a banana. His mom is making lunches and phone calls. His sister, Julianne, is drawing a map of New Zealand. She has included Manga characters in the margins. She draws Manga on the margins of spelling tests, too. Zoe is throwing banana slices down at the dog. Sharon pushes the hair behind her ear, unraveling it from her Bluetooth. She pokes sharply at the Bluetooth in her ear, slamming the phone, in effect, on her husband, Jim, who is once again unavailable for kid pick-up and meal planning for the week ahead.

Justin puts the banana down and gets out a pencil and an eraser shaped like a hamburger. He draws Tyrannosaurus Rex operating catapults, compressing millennia in a way not dissimilar to Julianne’s Manga/New Zealand efforts. Zoe pinches her fingers in the edge of the high chair, which is on a recall list, and shrieks in anger. Sharon kisses the small red spot on Zoe’s little finger, wipes banana off her face and makes another mental note to return the chair.

 “Hey,” says Justin. “Why don’t aliens eat clowns?”

“I don’t know, Justin, why don’t aliens eat clowns?”

“Because they taste funny.” Justin makes bada-bing drum rolls on the table. Julianne laughs and steals Justin’s eraser. Zoe snags her finger in the high chair again and bursts into loud, wailing tears. Sharon picks her up and tells the kids to get in the car, get in the car, get in the car.


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