There is velvet, of course. In velvet, I reach into darkness. My muffled hand, feeling around, grasps at the unidentifiable. This, is it a fork, or is it suspicion? The body of the fork is strong and direct, but the tines are uneven. Pointed, counterpointed. I reach my hand into velvet and find lust, hunger, discontent. They are warm, hollow, and jagged, as you might expect. The feeling of pity in a velvet bag is transient and easily lost.

Not all bags are velvet. Some are plastic, with the names of your local grocery store printed on them. I keep assorted fruits, nuts and vegetables in these bags. The acorns are prideful, the grapes are cliqueish. The pomegranate, as you might expect, is horny but unavailable. Damn you, pomegranate. The mixed greens are sullen and the lemons, resentful.

When the thin plastic splits and the fruits and nuts spill out and roll away, I pick them up and put everything in a simple cotton bag. The cotton bag holds the obvious – the angry jalapeno, the insincere plastic cutlery, the indecent potato peeler, the expired milk. Milk, so sweet on first taste, sours on long acquaintance. The cotton bag is washable, practical, brisk and either dull or has a secret life.

The secret life of the cotton bag is the silk lining. The silken lining holds these unmentionables: murderous rage, adulterous fantasies, dishonesty, gluttony, uncontrollable lust. It is a fluid and very durable bag. Reach your hand in, and prepare to be surprised. Secret threads ravel and unravel, weave, tangle and knot. Not your every day bag; silk is for special occasions.

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