Begin nanowrimo

Information for readers: Write a novel in 30 days.

This is first installation. Note: I have no plan whatsoever.


Today is Day of the Dead. Not to be confused with All Saint’s Day or even Halloween. Today es el dia.

On Day of the Dead my auntie always reads the obits.  She’s sure she will find someone she’s lost, someone from her past who has conveniently died on this particular day just so she can find them. Por ejemplo:

Bessie Weintraub Lopez de Mesilla
Born in New York in 1912. Married Juan Lopez de Mesilla 1932.
Returned to our Blessed Mother in October 2009.

Bingo! I remember Bessie, dios mio, she says and tells me what she remembers. Or this:

Millie Ortiz y Quinn
Married her high school sweetheart, had three children. Lived in Nevada from 1949 to 1986. Preceded in death by son Guillermo (Billy), who 
died in a car accident in 1972; a daughter (Lucy), who died of something
that caused her to stop breathing in a hotel room in Lacy after a bad
fight with her old man, something to do with drugs, Millie told me,
but you know she never believed it, not for a minute.
Praise him from whom all blessings flow, says the headstone,
just outside of Flagstaff, where her body was found.
Millie’s says Beloved Mother, Resting With Jesus At Last.

I remember her, auntie says.



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