The topic of writing

quillThe topic of writing is like the tropic of Capricorn. Capricorn is an old goat, and old goats chew on wood. When old goats chew on wood, they smile and their yellow eyes whirl like the spindle on a weaving woman’s loom. A woman’s loom spins faster when the moon is waxing, the waxing of the moon makes the spindle spin, and the stars spangle in the spangulous universe. Spangulous is not a real word. Spangulous is a word I made up for the purpose of this exercise, which is an exercise about writing. The topic of writing is spangulous – it lights up the night sky like a nebula, like a nebulous desire, a gentle galaxy of hope, a cotton candy spinning in a superheated universe, burning sugar melting at the speed of light.

The topic of writing is also like the tropic of Cancer, where crabs scuttle sideways with verbs clutched in their claws, little eyes shift and skirtle, crustaceous faces smile, stiff, cloaking that tender white interior where they hide nouns, nouns like pillow, like milk, like flesh, and adjectives, like smooth, like white, like sweet. The tropic of Cancer is buoyant, writing in salt water, floating in warm seas, seaweed waving overhead, blub blub sounds stroking the exoskeleton softly until the tide goes out. The topic of writing is like the tropic of Cancer, fine and striking and bony and magnificent, arms waving overhead, defiant, fine, dangerous, clinging to your fingertips – drop me, drop me, you filthy rat bastard, drop me back in the sea, and I will scuttle back home to my wife, and we will make crab love, smooth and buttery in the clean cool sand.

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