The acoustic bed is where I lie with headphones on. When I lie there, my eyes are closed. My eyes are closed and the bed shakes me. Atomic, powerful, electric. There is no such thing as too loud. I heard that somewhere, and I know it is true. I am on my knees to the glory of sound. Power chords. Death metal. Teeth crushing volume. This is a spiritual experience, make no mistake.

When I am saturated with sound, it is time for light. Nuclear, flaming, magical, reflective. I am in my vision bed and it is a mandala, a flaming tower blooming skyward and then circling. I am deaf, I am nothing but one large optical nerve looking out, looking west into the sun, burning rays and falling blind on my face. Blind and deaf.

On my knees again, I am blind and deaf. But my nose, oh my nose, oh my subtle quivering proboscis seeking out more honey, more. How could I have thought that light or sound could match, could compete, could even perform in the same arena? My olfactory bed is redolent – herbal, musky, rancid, floral. It is ozone and rain, it is the rotten sweetness of death and the iron bloody smell of birth. The olfactory bed consumes me, suffocated, breathless, gasping, lost.

When I wake it is tomorrow. The bed that wakes me seems perfectly ordinary, except for around the edges, where there are burnt crispy bits, with little whispers of smoke rising, disappearing out the morning window.


(* Writing prompt – used 5 syllable rhyming words “rhymes with shower” from Rhyme Zone. Wrote for 20 minutes. Thank you, Red Ravine, for the “Tools We Use” list.)


1 Response to “Sleep”

  1. 1 lollyloo August 26, 2008 at 11:44 am

    Wow. A stunning inverse of the “sensory deprivation” tank. You left out touch, though — the breeze, the orgasm, the mind-bending pain of the “gom jabbar”.

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