Where a bear

When a fast-moving charged particle traverses a Geiger counter, an electrical impulse is produced. When an electrical impulse is produced, a charge is fired. When a charge is fired, a countersuit is filed. When a countersuit is filed, a unit is charged. When a unit is charged, a bank of data is created. When a bank of data is created, an account is recorded. When an account is recorded, a field is mined. When a field is mined, a history takes shape. When a history takes shape, a past begins to follow a path. When a past begins to follow a path, a bear comes along it, searching for food. When a bear comes searching for food, a yearning for fire grows. When a yearning for fire grows, a search for tinder is begun. When tinder is found, stone hits stone. When stone hits stone, a spark is lit. When a spark is lit, a fast moving particle produces an electrical impulse. When an electrical impulse is produced, a charge is fired. A history is created. A fire burns. A bear runs away. A bank is built where a bear lived. A small school nearby grows large. A large city becomes a holding tank. A holding tank becomes an armory. An armory becomes a congregation. A congregation holds hands. A fear takes hold, an electrical impulse is produced. A charge is fired, a field is mined, a bear is hungry, a yearning for fire grows and glows in the cold trapped molecules, the atoms and fathoms at deep charge depth. And a circle becomes a circle, and a circle that has always been a circle has always been a circle. When walking in a circle, take note of where you are, look around to see if you are being followed by a bear. 


3 Responses to “Where a bear”

  1. 1 truce September 24, 2007 at 2:10 am

    I always look behind me to check for bears, even in Sydney. One never knows…

  2. 2 lollyloo September 24, 2007 at 12:35 pm

    Clearly our all-seeing and all-powerful National Security Administration has something to do with the Bear market.

  3. 3 Teresa September 24, 2007 at 3:18 pm

    There was a picture on the stairwell when I was little. A yellowed Victorian print. Of a child walking down the stairs in his nightshirt in the dark, looking back over his shoulder. The caption read, “In the dark, where a bear is liable to follow one.”

    And yes, the NSA is definitely a bear.

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