One night at the Tomahawk Lodge*

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Here we are in Cortez, Colorado, just pulling into the Tomahawk Lodge.  Clean, quiet kitsch.  Just a quick walk to Nero’s, where we get foolish and sleepy on wine and mushroom-pecan ravioli in a brown butter sauce, with creme brulee and pinon coffee after.  Followed by a bit of a stagger back to the Tomahawk.

Hours later, we are wakened suddenly by several high-pitched screams immediately outside our door.   Slamming sounds.  More screaming, then nothing.  Hmm.  Wait, quivering, behind the door.

No sirens, no blood.  Peeking out the industrial hotel curtains into the darkness.  Silence.  Ok, then.  Back to bed? I’m glad I brought my own pillow; I’m clutching it like a 3-year-old.

We look around carefully before leaving the room in the morning. Step out into a freezing rain, suitcases scraping loudly on the icy sidewalk. The truck next to ours suddenly snaps awake – shaking, slamming, shrieking, hissing, screaming  souls in torment. Holy matrimony, Batman!! What is it??


Pigs. Javelinas. Red-eyed wild mexican pigs, now rushing at us through the barely contained tailgate of a muddy red truck that looks uncomfortably like our own. Whew. Glad we didn’t climb into that one.

We would definitely stay there again. But we did get our coffee from a safe distance down the road.

Silver Bean

* now with linky goodness.


2 Responses to “One night at the Tomahawk Lodge*”

  1. 1 Messianic Gentile March 17, 2007 at 8:45 pm

    That’s my hometown. I haven’t lived there in years. Your post reminds me why not. I miss it though, sometimes, in a strange way.

    Glad you enjoyed Nero’s. That is a cool place. Used to smoke dope with one of their cooks many many many moons ago… Don’t really remember it clearly.

    Well, thanks for the stroll down amnesia lane.

    Many blessings…

  2. 2 Teresa March 18, 2007 at 4:05 pm

    Welcome, MG. I took a real liking to Cortez. I would recommend it as a way station for just about any traveler.

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